Public Invited to Joey’s Park Community Meeting



Leaders of the 1989 Playground Build Will Share Insights

Nearly a quarter of a century after they spear-headed the effort to build the original Joey’s Park, the leaders of that project will share their insights Tuesday night as a new generation of volunteers works to build a replacement playground.

Emily Stangle, Louise Dohanian and Sue Guertin – leaders of the 1989 Joey’s Park project – will be the featured guests at a Joey’s Park Community Meeting, which will take place Thursday, May 9 at 7 pm inside the Winn Brook Elementary School cafeteria.

“The 1989 community build is a fantastic blueprint for our current project,” says Friends of Joey’s Park co-chair Diane Miller, “so we view this as a unique opportunity to learn more about the challenges – and the fun – of bringing together the community as we work to build a new Joey’s Park for a new generation.”

In 1989 hundreds of volunteers came together to build Joey’s Park in memory of Joey O’Donnell. The wooden structure, located on Cross Street behind the Winn Brook Elementary School, must be replaced, and the Friends of Joey’s Park plans to build a new playground this October, once again with help from hundreds of community volunteers.

“We invite everyone to come out for Tuesday night’s community meeting,” says Friends of Joey’s Park co-chair Ellen Schreiber. “We’re hoping people will show up with photos and stories from the 1989 build. We also welcome anyone who wants to learn more about plans for the new Joey’s Park. There is a role for everyone to play as the community comes together once again to preserve this local treasure.”